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Your complete guide to setting up and running a profitable Amazon arbitrage business.

Chapter 1: Retail Arbitrage: What It Is, How It’s Possible, And Why It’s So Damn Easy

Retail arbitrage is a fairly simple concept. A retail store (such as Walmart, Target, etc.) sells a product (either online or in-store) for a certain price. You purchase that product and sell it for a higher price yourself and pocket the profit.

Chapter 2: The difference between RA and thrifting, and why RA is exponentially more profitable

There are hoards of people thrifting for profit – retail arbitrage is like thrifting, except instead of scouring through a tiny assortment of thrift shops, you can scour all of the world’s biggest brands both online and offline.

Chapter 3: The Retail Arbitrage process broken down + fees + materials you need

This chapter will go over everything that’s included in the retail arbitrage process. We’ll tell you what you need to do, and we’ll also give you the materials that you’ll need for each step. Often times, new retail arbitrage hopefuls won’t calculate the necessary costs, and he or she will get discouraged before he or she even starts – don’t be that person.

Chapter 4: Products, products, products for retail arbitrage

Products are the backbone of any successful retail arbitrage empire. If you have the ability to quickly source profitable products, you can do almost no work and make a profit.

Chapter 5: Staying organized and operating like a real business

A successful retail arbitrage business operates just as a successful traditional business does. You have your revenue source, your expenses, your taxes, etc. And at the end of the day, you want to be profitable just as a traditional business wants to be.

Chapter 6: Expansion and autopilot, grow your Amazon FBA business

Trying to teach someone else something when you yourself don’t have a firm grasp on the concept is a lost cause – one that does not fully understand can not teach well. By now, though, you should be far enough along in your retail arbitrage journey to have a very firm grasp on how to do everything.

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