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Your Journey to Profitable Amazon Arbitrage

Welcome to Primeresale. We are here to provide you with guidance on setting up an Amazon arbitrage business in 2020.

Why Amazon Arbitrage?

Even in a mature market where there are a number of third party sellers listing products on Amazon, there is still no where else like it. At the click of a few buttons you can have yourself set up as an Amazon Seller with immediate access to the 206 million people who visit Amazon each month.

We are here to help you with getting set up, providing guidance based on our years of experience and recommend tools which we feel are currently best in market.

The key to profitable trading is sourcing the right products in the first place. Traditional retail arbitrage, which involves visiting a physical bricks and mortar store, takes a ton of time. After scouring for even a single potential product, you have to cross-check the item through Amazon, calculate shipping costs, check for other sellers, check the sales rank of the product… et cetera, et cetera.

Even if you’re a Retail Arbitrage expert, this is still an unavoidable process, even if you find ways to avoid the full process and cut corners. It is also simply difficult to properly scale, as you are going to find yourself limited by the number of stores you can actually visit.

Starting Out

Many people setting out however prefer to start with retail arbitrage, and there are many great tools available to support your first steps.

Online arbitrage has a variety of options, from searching sites manually, downloading list services, to fully automated sourcing tools.

Whichever option you choose we recommend keeping an eye out for products that are:

  1. Light and small so that shipping costs are negligible
  2. Products that sell fast on Amazon so that you turn items over almost immediately
  3. Products with a 35% profit margin or higher
  4. Low-price products in the $4 to $40 range – most are between $4 and $20
  5. Only the most trusted retailers on the web with fast delivery turnaround so you can get products listed quickly

Getting Started

We have provided you with a number of training guides which we feel outline the main elements to getting set up. These materials are created from years of experience making money through Amazon arbitrage. There are 6 chapters in all to get you started and we will soon build out a list of our prefered providers to further help you on your way.

Good luck!